TechTalk 4 Kids

Tablets, smartphones, smart toys – are so common in our every day lives, that we don´t even notice them, until something happens to them.

One in three children are internet users. And their experiences with online technologies vary among countries and regions, and also among children themselves.

The importance of online safety education has never been more important than now.

In UK, about 69% of teens, age of 12-15, are social media users. (1)

In Estonia its same, 69% have social media profile with their real name and 24% of them have also fake profile. (2)

“Teens say social media helps strengthen friendships, provide emotional support, but can also lead to drama, feeling pressure to post certain types of content”. (3)

Although internet offers many opportunities for communication, learning, self-expression, creativity and participation – there are some risks to consider.

Cyber bullying, hate speech, fake news and the time spent online are the most popular topics in today´s mainstream news. But what we don´t hear very often – are the news about “harmful or inappropriate content to porn or extreme violence, information found how to be anorexic, how to kill yourself, get drugs, websites showing people doing suicide”. (4)

Toxic material what is spinning around internet, shared and liked thousands of times before its been taken off, can actually leave deep psychological imprint to kids mind. (5)

The ideology of Internet is absolute freedom. And its always there – offering rich and stimulating content – 24/7. Unfortunately we use it, without actually knowing what we are doing or with whom we are interacting. Complexity and disorganization are the weak points of internet – and there are no cyber police, who could protect us there.

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